Make America’s Energy… Resilient

The recent events in Texas epitomize the time-bomb awaiting America’s national security in the name of energy resilience — or lack thereof, pundits might increasingly say.

Countless people are suffering and have suffered due to the inability to have sustainable, resilient energy systems in place. At a time of national reconstruction due to the pandemic, economic struggles, and social injustices, it seems there has never been a better time to invest in the future of our country, to re energize our country, to bring blue, red, and every other Party affiliation together with a common goal of a Better America. A stronger America. A resilient America!

Do you agree?

There are better solutions out there. And we should embrace them!

Together with leading engineers in Atlanta, Georgia, in partnership with The University of Georgia’s Innovation and Engineering teams of Athens, Georgia, we have developed a sustainable battery solution that enables people to create their own “micro-grids” as explained in a recent Forbes article. Could this really be igniting innovation?

Fellow Americans and Patriots: what sounds better than “designed, assembled, tested, and innovated in America?”

Sure — hopefully within two years it will also have the stamp 100% “Made in America”.

At Adarev, we believe that freedom starts with the ability for individuals to secure one’s own energy security. Adarev’s battery connects to solar installations, and is installed into the bottom of the house — usually in the garage or someplace insulated.

The battery is fully functional with a software interface connecting to optimize the energy efficiency. Whenever the solar panels are able to generate energy, it is stored in the battery in times of need — such as ice storms, natural disasters and utility controlled outages.

Utility companies, municipalities, and homes could install solar and connect it to battery energy storage to mitigate the risk of storms knocking down power lines, outages, and emergency situations. It isn’t a “perfect” solution; however, it would mitigate risk, alleviate the burden of utilities and grids during the increasingly often and severe storms we are having, and would enable people to have the peace of mind knowing that they have backup energy when they need it.

Whenever disaster strikes, it seems every politician stands up and says that someone is to blame for the catastrophe. People are blaming one person or another without always thinking outside the box for a more innovative, unique, creative solution. People are hurting in Texas and around the country: harnessing the power of a top-in-class battery backup energy storage would alleviate some of this pain and misery.

The backup energy and growing solar energy business would not only help to create more energy resilience, but it would also help to create new jobs, a new economy, and places for people who are good with their hands, engineers, and those passionate about sustainability. With President Biden’s ambitious plans for energy and sustainability, it behooves us to embrace micro-grids and energy storage through this decentralized approach.

The article, “How the Rich Can Escape America’s Unreliable Power Grid” details the story of Wim Coekaerts building his dream home and deciding to take his energy security into his own hands: he engineered his own microgrid. Adarev’s goal is to make energy security attainable for not just the rich, but every concerned American!

The power outages and intermittent power in California has caused him to come up with his own solution of incorporating solar power along with backup Lithium battery storage to ensure he and his family would have power no matter the circumstances of the state or national grid.

— John Burkhardt, Mark Jensen, and Irving D. Steel Co-Founders of Adarev.

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